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Trademodo features the world’s fastest growing database of more than 100,000 businesses across the global seafood supply chain. From seafood wholesalers to service providers, Trademodo enables you to find, research and connect with the right businesses from anywhere in the world.


A business’ profile page gives you easy access to its information, contacts, product / services, certifications, reviews, media, and more—all in one place.
If you don’t find your business or the specific one you’re looking for, you can sign up and add it to our database. This notifies business owners to come claim their pages, and helps our moderators build our growing community.


Trademodo’s platform makes networking easy. Claimed businesses can connect with leads, interact with customer reviews and chat directly through our messaging system. Send and receive information seamlessly across the globe. Our mission is to make growing your enterprise effective and efficient.

Partners and community

Here are just a few of the businesses using Trademodo today:


By bringing traditional word-of-mouth marketing online, Trademodo can share the opinions and experiences of professionals in the global seafood supply chain. Grow your business’ reputation by building relationships on the Trademodo platform. Take the uncertainty out of finding new suppliers and clients, and help separate the good businesses from the bad.


The global seafood industry needs to adapt. With increasing concerns over ethics, the environment, and illegal fishing, seafood buyers are looking to make better choices in who they do business with. With our robust network, review systems, and industry checks, Trademodo is here to take the guesswork out of finding new seafood supply chain partners.

Trademodo is always looking for partnerships and collaborations.