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The global seafood industry needs to adapt. With increasing concerns over ethics, the environment, and IUU fishing, seafood buyers are looking to make better choices in who they do business with. Trademodo's mission is to provide the tools and networking platform to remove the guesswork from finding new partners within the global seafood supply chain.


Seafood Related Businesses Listed On Trademodo

$400+ Billion

Value Of Global Seafood Trade

3+ Billion

People Rely On Seafood As A Primary Source Of Protein


Of Commercial Fish Stocks Are Fully Exploited Or Over Exploited


Of Global Annual Catch Linked To IUU Fishing

$36+ Billion

Stolen By IUU Fishing Every Year

6x More Seafood, 12 Million More Jobs And $15.5 Trillion To The World Economy

Ocean Panel Estimates On The Impact Of Taking Action Now

The Global Seafood Industry Needs To Adapt. With Increasing Concerns Over Ethics, The Environment, And IUU Fishing, Seafood Buyers Are Looking To Make Better Choices In Who They Do Business With. Trademodo's Mission Is To Provide The Tools And Networking Platform To Remove The Guesswork From Finding New Partners Within The Global Seafood Supply Chain.

A Global Trade Platform

Trademodo offers the most complete database of businesses from the seafood supply chain. Research new markets, search for suppliers and customers, and conduct online business transactions, all on one intuitive platform.

Who Is Trademodo For?

If you have a business in the global seafood supply cahin, Trademodo can help you find new suppliers, more customers, and increase your company's profits-all while maintaining ethical standards and ecological accountability. Our goal is to provide a social network-style platform that helps good seafood companies connect and hold each other accountable.
Some Of The Businesses Who Will See The Most Benefit From Joining Trademodo Include:
Fishermen, seafood farmers, aquaculture companies, etc.
Value Added
Processors, manufactures, packers and labellers, etc.
Importers, exporters, traders, brokers, distributors, wholesalers, etc.
Service Providers
Customs brokers, freight forwarders, inspectors, etc.
Transportation companies, warehouses, cold storage, etc.
Foodservice And Retail
Restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

Our Team

Paul Pan

Founder, CEO of Trademodo

Elizabeth Liu

CLO, Founder, Strategic Advisor

Robert Arthurs

Industry Advisor

Océane Kummer

SEO Strategist at Ayima

Kenton Liu

COO of Trademodo

Richard Wang

International Advisor for Asia

Tony Long

Mentor, CEO at Global Fishing Watch

Partners and community

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